The Seven Deadly Sins Arrive in The Alchemist Code

The Seven Deadly Sins Arrive in The Alchemist Code

Gumi Inc has just announced a new mobile collaboration as The Seven Deadly Sins arrive in The Alchemist Code today.

Now that we’ve finished binge-watching the Crunchyroll anime marathon The Alchemist Code is giving us the opportunity to get our anime fix on mobile. This mobile strategy RPG available on iOS and Android will feature an appearance from these fallen knights of Britannia. From 20 February until 11 March players can experience a range of new events based on the smash Shonen anime and summon a range of characters pulled straight out of the anime’s legions of warriors.

Build An Army

During the crossover event, players can summon the following five knights from The Sveen Deadly Sins

• Meliodas
• King
• Diane
• Gowther
• Ban

These awesome compatriots will be able to equip a variety of special equipment using equipment shards collected by clearing milestones from normal quests Episode 1 – 6. Gear, similarly, is available from milestones in EX quests. Once players have up to 50 Gear Shards they will be able to can transmute a 2-Star gear of their choice.

The knights and their associated apparel are joined by a special set of mementos, original collaboration quests, and collaboration raids. These raids and quests follow The Seven Deadly Sins as they bring order back to Babel. The quest lines put players on the path to adventure as they clear up a host of demons released across Babel and drop a whole host of gear equipment and gear shards.The new raid event kicks off a little later, from 5 March and is an opportunity to grab gems, Sinful Indulgence, as well as other valuable prizes.

The Seven Deadly Sins arrive in The Alchemist Code soon and if you are waiting for the Sin’s own mobile outing then this is the perfect chance to drop in and follow Meliodas into battle. Check out the game on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now for all the details about this event.


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