The Sims 4 Island Living Lands on PC

Sail away with The Sims 4 Island Living. EA is about to get away from the gloomy weather with a tropical trip to your local PC paradise.

Dropping your favorite pretend people onto their very own island paradise is now entirely possible. The tropical world of Sulan invites players to bring their Sims with them as the latest expansion to the hugely successful life simulator comes ashore on PC. If you picked up the latest Sims for free during EA’s recent giveaway then this expansion might very well be the change of scenery you’re after. Island Living is a brand new horizon on the Sims world that allows the player to pitch in and build a utopian existence or just lie back and soak up the sun.

Island Activities

The domain of Sulan is a placid backdrop to the latest Sims adventure. Full of sandy beaches and crystal clear water, this land is perfect for new inhabitants to splash around the shore, take a massive aqua zip line alongside pods of dolphins and the flotilla of new watercraft available to try out. If you are not up for splashing around then why not soak up some local culture. If your sims are not busy rocking the night away in the tiki bar then they can try out some tasty delicacies or go hunting for some local legends, just ask the island’s ancestors.

With lots of new activities, water sports, and tubular new threads it’s almost like an unadulterated holiday. However, if you are looking for more fulfilling than building awesome sandcastles then the sims can pitch in on something a little more permanent. A host of new career options are at hand for island dwellers. Take a sim to the waves and fish, watch over the sea as a lifeguard, or help keep the sand pristine by picking up litter.

All this brand new content is already available for Sim’s PC devotees eager to get a break from the unrelenting summer sun in real life. Console players can enjoy island living on 16 July. You can find The Sims 4 Island Living over at out more about the expansion by checking out the trailer above or visiting the official EA website.

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