The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Arrives Today Rain, Hail Or Shine!

Today is the day for Sims fans around the world to celebrate as The Sims 4 Seasons expansion launches! Publishers, Electronic Arts gave us the low down on this iconic life simulation game series developed by Maxis and it sounds like a blast, or is it a flurry?!

As you may have guessed with The Sims 4 Seasons, Sims can experience impactful weather from four stunning seasons, revel in fun seasonal activities, decorate their homes for holiday celebrations which leads to such choices as building out a deeper gardening career. Each climate is unique and will impact Sim’s choices, relationships and daily activities.

Grant Rodiek, Senior Producer says,

“The weather and passage of the seasons changes your Sims’ lives in delightful ways, whether it’s tossing on a raincoat to splash around in a Spring shower, shoving snow in a rival’s face in Winter, or harvesting some sweet honey in Fall. There is tons of new gameplay, challenges, and stories to tell. This is personally my favorite pack and our team was thrilled to finally craft this fan-favorite expansion. We cannot wait to see how players will incorporate the weather into their game.”

On top of all these realistic touches to an already thriving, polished world The Sims 4 Seasons adds a calendar full of festive holidays for Sims to get together and celebrate with their friends and family. During Harvestfest, Sims can gather round and enjoy a feast fit for kings. During Winterfest, a visit from Father Winter will brighten the day for any Scrooge-like Sims. After ringing in the New Year, Sims can enjoy a romantic date on Love Day.

In The Sims 4 Seasons, players can even create their own custom holidays for Sims and choose how to celebrate. With a calendar full of festivities, Sims will be busy all year long!

Yes, you need to own The Sims 4 Game to apply this expansion which also comes with its own special activities per season, like:

  • Fall, comes an abundance of leaves for Sims to play in.
  • Winter, Sims can bundle up and take to the ice for some pre-Winterfest skating featuring twirls, twists, and of course hot cocoa.
  • Summer, Sims can dress in new swimwear to cool off in the kiddie pool. As the seasons change, Sims can explore the great outdoors and earn badges in Spring.
  • Spring, Sims grow their gardening career by creating bountiful bouquets, crafting flower arrangements, and making deliveries around town as a floral designer. Sims interested in more science-centric careers can analyze plants, write scientific papers, and gain notoriety as a botanist. With each budding talent will come new skills, outfits, and handy objects.

Doesn’t this sound like so much fun? It does to me, so much so I’ll be jumping in to review this for us to give you the weather report on this latest addition to The Sims! See you all then!

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