The Sims 4 – Welcome Two New Kits & Free Updates

The Sims 4 - The Incheon Arrivals Kit - Fashion Street Kit

Electronic Arts and Maxis have shared what players can be expecting from the Season of Selves: new content that defies borders and norms, encourages self-expression and creativity, adds new dimensions to Sims’ spaces through color and facilitates play in entirely new ways.

Kicking off the Season of Selves, players can expand their Sims’ style and flex their creativity with two new fashion kits, The Sims 4 Fashion Street Kit and Incheon Arrivals Kit, available on October 5 on PC and Mac via Origin and Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Kits are bite-size packs that open big possibilities for players by adding more style, more flavor, more choice with the new mini-collections. They were introduced for the first time with the addition of Throwback, Country Kitchen, and Bust the Dust kits back in March.

The Sims 4 – Fashion Street Kit

The Fashion Street kit will offer vibrant color and high-contrast patterns in a fusion of traditional and modern Mumbai fashion.

The Sims worked with art-meets-fashion curator Shruti Sitara Singh to deliver the rich colors, flowy fabrics, contemporary cuts and high-contrast patterns with The Sims 4 Fashion Street Kit. A bevy of new items and accessories, including bangles, sparkling necklaces, nose rings, henna tattoos and sandals are also included.

The Sims 4 – The Incheon Arrivals Kit

The Incheon Arrivals kit is inspired by the casual everyday fashion sported by your favorite Kpop idols when they’re at the airport, arriving back from tour. It’s minimalist, flowy, and fabulous. Update your Sims’ wardrobes and expand your world this fall.

The Sims is also taking players to the Incheon Airport on an adventure to see, learn and hear from content creator and TV host Jazzy Cho. She offers up the scoop on style in the city, the fashion runway found at Incheon’s terminals and how it all comes together to inspire the modern silhouettes and clean, minimalist looks available to players in The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals Kit.

Free Updates for the Sims 4

Additionally, players can look forward to even more free content in The Sims 4. This new update adds new Create a Sim items, including outfits and hairstyles inspired by the new looks featured in the Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals kits. In addition, today’s update reemphasizes The Sims’ commitment to bring more to the game, with 1,000+ added color variants across 100+ build objects, allowing players to get even more creative and innovative with the builds they design.

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