The Sims Announce New Partnership with Ironhack!

Maxis, the team at Electronic Arts behind the iconic life simulation game The Sims today announced that they are teaming up with international Web Development and UX/UI Design school Ironhack

In honor of The Sims™ 4 Discover University, The Sims and Ironhack have teamed up to send you to school. You can apply to win a scholarship for a full time or part time bootcamp. While your Sims head off to learn at the Foxbury Institute, you can do the same at one of nine Ironhack campuses worldwide with an intensive course in Web Development, UX/UI Design, or Data Analytics. Once there, students will gain high-demand skills utilized in all tech-related industries, including video games!

It’s time to step forward into your future today.

Offering tech enthusiasts and video game fans a chance to win a scholarship to any of Ironhack’s nine campuses across Europe and The Americas the scholarship bridges the gap between the real world and gaming, encouraging players to learn emerging skills and discover some of the exciting, high-demand careers within the videogame and tech industries.

More details on The Sims x Ironhack scholarship:

  • More than 400 scholarships for a total of 800,000€ will be awarded for full-time or part-time courses in any of the nine IronHack campuses in Europe and The Americas

  • Until December 17, those interested in learning and refining high-tech skills can apply to win a scholarship for courses in Web Development, UX/UI Design or Data Analytics HERE

  • Applications are free and open to all

What are you waiting for?!

Good luck to all applicants and if you haven’t heard about Discover University be sure to study up on our Gamespace review!

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