The Sorceress blinks into Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile has been updated to bring the Sorceress class into the game. She is a unique blend of melee prowess and magical abilities that make her a formidable ally or foe. She is versatile in that she can use a number of different attacks and quick movements to confuse her enemies and control the battlefield. “She is able to devastate enemies with her combination of dark sorcery and martial arts while maneuvering around the battlefield at blinding speeds,” the official word states.

Her abilities include:

  • Shards of Darkness are generated in battle and can be used to buff her abilities to increase range and/or damage.
  • Flashbang boosts damage and becomes a strong AoE ability.
  • Phantom Crash allows her to dash forward and strike.
  • Wrath of Chaos teleports her with an explosion of dark energy.
  • Shadow Kick, as the name implies, is a powerful kick “imbued with dark energy”.
  • Dark Pulse is a ranged attack that throws dark energy.

While the Sorceress anchors this latest update, there is more. Players will be able to use the new magical enhancement system to create stronger weapons and armor. In addition, Pearl Abyss is hosting the first-ever World Championship – Ramoness event. Check the details here.

Learn more about Black Desert Mobile by visiting its official site.


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