The Spirit and the Mouse is an Upcoming Game Like No Other

Armor Games Studio and Alblune have announced a brand new game that is unlike many others. Called The Spirit and the Mouse, the game offers players a unique narrative experience with no bosses to tackle, no impending apocalypse, but a simple experience dealing with a community of “down-on-their-luck villagers” and a mouse protagonist that only wants to help. The game is targeting a PC release sometime in 2022 and fans can wishlist it already on Steam.

Players will take on the role of the clever and caring Lila the mouse as she sets off on a mission to solve the everyday issues plaguing the villagers of a quaint French hamlet. Along the way, Lila will meet the spirit guardian Lumion, develop useful electricity powers to use in her quest, and befriend the mischievous electric spirits known as Kibblins.

Features include:

  • exploration of Sante-et-Claire
  • discover secrets
  • gameplay at your own pace
  • character-driven puzzles to bring villagers’ stories to life
  • quests and mini-games
  • collection of energy and happiness to unlock new abilities

Check out The Spirit and the Mouse Steam page to learn more about this unique title.

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