The Summit is a New PvE Mode Coming to The Division 2

Ubisoft developers took to the airwaves on September 2nd to discuss upcoming additions and changes to The Division 2. During the livestream event, the team revealed a brand new, free PvE event coming to the game called “The Summit”. In addition, the contents of the next patch update were fleshed out and the dates for the PTS were announced. Redditor JokerUnique transcribed the stream into bite-sized chunks of TD2 goodness.

The goal of The Summit is to provide players with a replayable PvE game mode that allows them to jump in, play through it, and feel as if it is a different experience each time. It’s considered the “greatest hits of PvE experiences that we’ve had so far in The Division”.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The Summit is designed to be completed solo but content and difficulty will scale based on party size.
  • All known factions will have a presence at one time or another.
  • Players reaching “legendary floors” will face off against White Tusk enemies.
  • Environments change from floor to floor.
  • Players will encounter both old and new events with a variety of old and new objectives.
  • Every experience should be different from the last.
  • End bosses drop Stronghold-level equipment
  • A 10-floor segment will yield Stronghold XP.
  • Players can participate in matchmaking based on difficulty.
  • Targeted Loot is active in The Summit.

Players will enter The Summit and face unlimited floors. A boss is found every 10 floors and a Rally Point is unlocked. Each floor comes in a number of difficulties including Normal, Hard, Challenging, Heroic, and Legendary. The higher a party or player progresses, the more difficult the floors become.

The Summit will land on the PC-only PTS on Friday, September 4th.

Check out the excellent report over on Reddit and then head to The Division 2 official site to learn more.

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