The Tekken 8 Opening Movie Kicks Off A Titanic Family Feud

The latest teaser for Tekken 8 is here and its as utterly over the top as you’d expect.

Family arguments rarely get any more intense than the Tekken series, and this time it’s the fate of the world that hangs in the balance. As the Mishima saga begins is epic conclusion, we hope, the opening movie for this beat ‘em up brings us a first look at the individuals we’re likely to see in the ring.

The likes of Kuma, Nina, and Ling are in full force, while the latest three minutes of fisticuffs makes for a pretty glorious display. Anybody familiar with the tale so far will recognize Kazuya Mishima and his army of minions making a play for world domination, but Jin and the upcoming roster of playable characters are likely to be crucial in stopping this force of nature.

If you’re as confused by the crumbling cityscapes, robotic foot soldiers, and the Mishima heritage then don’t worry. Bandai dropped a catch up for anybody who’s had trouble in keeping up with the escalation of ridiculousness that makes Tekken stand out among its peers. You can find out why, who and what below.



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The new opening movie also confirmed that players will get to try out Eddy Gordo as the franchise’s latest DLC. The master of capoeira will appear as Tekken 8’s first seasonal addition, as part of the Playable Character Year 1 Pass. While his return is welcome, and we even get to see a little of his move set, the reveal has already caused some pushback from fans of the long standing fighter. The cut and paste approach to Eddy’s latest hairstyle does make the character seem like it fits a recent trope that could be interchangeable for Killmonger, Echo, or Varl.

Still, the upcoming release of Tekken 8 across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X on 25 January brings 32 incredible fighters into a brand new ring. Check out more about Tekken 8 ion the official website now.

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