The Top 10 Android & iOS Games Released in 2019

Delve into the gaming industry’s struggles, this year’s gems so far and find out what the 10 best mobile phone games of 2019 are.

The gaming industry has been booming over the last few years with award-winning, story-driven games with amazing graphics. Mobile games have been a part of the gaming industry as well from the first legendary Snake game to today’s plentiful selection of phone games that rival previous consoles.

Since everything’s digital nowadays and almost anything can be found online, one part of the gaming industry has also gone online. The interactive gaming industry has revamped and digitized classic casino games such as slots games, poker, roulette, and blackjack. With this move, the casino industry enabled its clients to play their favorite games on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. With online casino games came reviews of those games and the huge growth of online casinos in general. This is why it is important to look at review sites, such as this one where you can find the top 10 online casinos to play at.

Online casino games aren’t the only ones that have gotten reviews. In fact, many games and gaming companies have found out that a rating can help make or break a game. However, hardcore fans will stick to a game or franchise no matter what rating it gets, no matter how many bad reviews. These hardcore fans are one of the reasons why many gaming companies are still alive and making new games; in addition to reboots for mobile entertainment.


Why 2019 is a Great Year for Gaming

This year we were blessed with two gems. The first is the Sinking City, a game based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The author had written so many horror stories, and many Lovecraftian fans asked themselves why hadn’t anyone made a game about them? Additionally, if a game was made would it be just as bad as the film adaptations? To find out you’ll have to check out the Sinking City for yourself.

This year’s second gem was the release of the long-awaited, sci-fi game Cyberpunk 2077 which is truly cinematic and an excellent diversion from the usual storyline games that have been released lately. To make the game even more appealing to gamers, CD Projekt Red added a cameo of Keanu Reeves, and all in all, it’s a breathtaking combination. It is rumored that the studio’s developer is already planning to release a mobile version of the game.

Mobile games are the gaming industry’s way of bringing your favorite games to your phone so you can play them anywhere. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user the choice of phone games available at your fingertips is broad and seemingly unending. To help you decide here’s a list of the top 10 Android and iOS games released in 2019:


JYDGE is essentially a RoboCop styled game where you play as a cybernetic enforcement officer. Armed with your Gavel (the name of the gun) you will go through levels enforcing justice. This top-down view game also allows you to upgrade your gun and encourages you to replay the levels to finish new challenges and earn new gear.



The popular game found its way to the mobile phone platform. So if you’re familiar with Fortnite and you want to play it on your smartphone you’ll get an arcade version of the game. With weekly challenges, you can get new weapons and game modes and you can even transfer your items to your console or PC.

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Another game set in the Lovecraftian universe, Tesla vs Lovecraft lets you play as legendary inventor Nikola Tesla and use his inventions to help you battle the endless swarms of nightmarish creatures set loose by none other than H.P. Lovecraft himself.


Donut County

A unique game in its design, fun and interesting characters, Donut Country merges the mystery and puzzle game genre. The narrative is that you play as a hole and have a number of different missions to play, or rather solve. It sounds simple, but it isn’t and it’s actually quite fun. Check it out for sure.

PUBG Mobile

Another popular PC game adapted to a smartphone platform. PUBG Mobile is a tactical, survival shooter game that lets you parachute in on an island with other players to see which ones will survive. You can loot buildings, gear up and even join a group of 4 players to increase your chances of survival.


Plague Inc.

One of the rare gems out there, Plague Inc. allows you to create and control an epidemic and do your best to spread it before humanity finds a cure. You can upgrade your virus with various symptoms to make it deadlier or resistant.

Alto’s Adventure

An amazing soundtrack, mountain scenery, day to night transitions and simple one-touch controls let you take Alto on a snowboarding adventure while performing backflips and achieving high scores to get better upgrades.


The Room: Old Sins

In this next ‘The Room’ game, you will explore the Waldegrave Manor to find an artifact. The Room is a combination of a mystery and a puzzle game that will bring you mind-boggling problems and a surprising amount of satisfaction once you’ve solved them.

Out There

A game set in the 22nd century, when Earth has no more resources, you play as an astronaut sent on a mission to supply Earth with more. Waking up after cryosleep in an unknown part of the galaxy, your mission changes to be one of pure survival as you’ll need to use what you can to fix your ship and deal with new and ancient civilizations – with the narrative being that the fate of mankind is in your hands.



The game is based on nine classes in World of Warcraft each having their own deck. You can play solo or you can try against other players online with both quick play and in-depth game modes. You can learn more about the awesome Hearthstone solo adventures and more here. Hearthstone is another example of why smartphones are an ideal platform for card games.

These are just a few awesome options that can keep gaming enthusiasts entertained for hours on end. It’s definitely worth investing the time to play these games if you want to unwind. Otherwise, have a look around to discover what other great releases are currently available or are on the horizon.

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