The Top Moments in PC Gaming

Which has been your favorite PC game up to now?

While you do have tons of games releasing each year, some games have made a mark more than others. Whether you love playing online with the best casino bonuses in UK, we are sure you have tried out games like Grand Theft Auto or Doom.

Over the past decades, there have been many games that have made an impact on PC gaming. Here are some game-changers that we think have affected PC gaming.

#1. Star Wars: X-Wing (1993)

X-Wing was the first Star Wars video game on PC. It garnered a lot of attraction because it had terrific missions and cut off scenes. Also, the sound, visuals, and presentation were top-notch. So if you are a ’90s gamer, then this was a perfect video game. There are rumors that the play will be revived in the future.

Star Wars XWing

#2. Doom (1993)

Doom can be described as the mother of all first-person shooter games. However, we cannot forget about Wolfenstein 3D, which was the predecessor. However, Doom was a bit different, especially in terms of graphics. Although at the time the graphics were 2D, the developers managed to transform the scares and the horrors into 3D.

#3. Quake (1996)

When Quake was first introduced, it received mixed reviews. The single shooter mode did not impress a lot of gamers.  However, the multi shooter mode gave us an in-depth look at 3D graphics. Quake also introduced esports competition that we know of today.


#5. Everquest (1999)

Everquest, which is published by Verant, is a game full of mystery. In the ’90s, this was the only game that was close to virtual reality. The magical weapons made the gaming experience better. However, death was the only tricky thing that you had to avoid. If you died, your body would rot, and you lose all the weapons you have acquired in the game.

#6. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002)

The Warcraft series has seen everything from books, movies to games being made on it. From the storyline to the visuals, WarCraft III, this game is one of the few pleasant ones.  The high-fantasy real-time strategy game had both single-player and multiplayer versions. You had different maps – hidden from view initially – where the events take place.  The game became a startling example of the potential of RTS video games could do.

Warcraft III

Which one is your favorite PC game?

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