The Trees Fight Back When Arboria Arrives In May

All in! Games has unveiled Arboria, a fantasy RPG where the trees are ready to fight back, and it sprouts into Early Access on 7 May.

Due to arrive on Steam, the new game from Dreamplant Studio puts players in the footprints of a young As a Yotun warrior who must venture forth and save their tribe from extinction. Players ready to leave the comfort of their village can venture out into the Hole and explore the vast and ever changing land of Durnar.

Green And Mean

Arboria is a 3D rogue-lite fantasy RPG with a stand out sense of style. Check out the trailer above and prepare to leave the sound turned up. As the trailer follows players through a maze of challenges, this warrior utilizes an arsenal of symbiotic weapons such as the scythe, axe, and sword. Each of these can mutate, providing players with a range of extra options, including shockwaves, teleports, and shields to get stronger and smash apart enemies across the game’s procedurally generated dungeons.

This is just the Early Access experience but the unique aesthetic is already accompanied by some flashy real time combat. You’ll dash, roll, and attack as you explore the world. Alongside the stylish action that reminds me of Abe’s Odessey, the funky audio is just as stand out awesome looking. If you feel like stepping up and becoming the Chosen One and healing the Father Tree then Arboria is available to wishlist over on the official Steam Store page now. Grab a glimpse above or head over to the official Steam Store page now to get a closer look at the attack of the trees.


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