The Wagadu Chronicles – Afrofantasy MMO on Kickstarter

The Wagadu Chronicles - Afrofantasy MMO on Kickstarter

The developers from Twin Drums studio have started the Kickstarter Campaign for their Afrofantasy MMO The Wagadu Chronicles. The team seeks to raise $117k with over 1100 backers already pledging almost $80k with 37 days still to go.

Imagine a videogame where everyone around you is role-playing. The noble Emere with whom you are travelling does not want to desecrate any tombs and ignores the loot; the Swala hunter you just met chants a ritual prayer before every hunt and the Asiman merchant never attacks or kills anyone because she believes her goddess wants peace to rule in Wagadu.

The Wagadu Chronicles is developed 100% tailored to role-players, from lore to mechanics. The team will be implementing a number of community features to create and keep this unique environment:

  • Continuous releases of free lore material.
  • In-character role-play as a default for all players when in Wagadu’s servers.
  • Off-world lobbies where players can get technical support or any role-playing tips on how to act out their character before returning to the actual game world.
  • Rewards for groups of players that engage in interesting and well-thought role-playing.

The approach taken to create this fantasy world was: “What if Tolkien were black?”. Just as Tolkien did, a lot of time was spent researching the mythologies and traditions of people, but in this case across the African continent.

The result is seven “lineages”, which are similar to fantasy “races” but more nuanced, with overlapping cultures and more fluid identities:

  • Asiman, People of the Four Elements, Guardians of Oases & Temples. These people are alchemists, theologians and elemental magicians. They are inspired by Africa’s desert people.
  • Ironmasters, Mighty Mystical Smiths of Wagadu, Inventors & Warriors. These mighty ancestor-worshipping people literally have metal flowing in their veins. They are inspired by people of central West-Africa.
  • Swala, The Savanna Herders, in Harmony with Spirits & Nature. These horned Spirit-infused folks are the guardians of the Savanna and its animals. Inspired by East Africa’s grasslands people.
  • Ikaki, People of the Sea, Traders, Fishers (and Pirates). This versatile fish-people can swim and sail like no other. Inspired by many central-African people.
  • Emere, The Ancient Forest People, Masters of Juju Magic. These are the high-magicians and forest-dwellers of Wagadu. Inspired by West-Africa’s south-eastern traditions.
  • Daa’ima, The Cursed Moth People, Devote to Moon & Death. The Moth-people of Wagadu, experts of death magic and moon blessings. The Horn of Africa’s cultures inspired their design.
  • Lionblood, Rulers of the Savannas, Festive & Proud. Half-humans, half-lions, these are the best hunters of the savannas. Strongly inspired by the southern African people.

Check out the Kickstarter page of the game to find out about gameplay, pledges and more!

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