The Waylanders – Sneak Peek at Advanced Ranger Classes & Pets!

The Waylanders - Sneak Peek at Advanced Ranger Classes & Pets!

Gato Salvaje Studio is here with the July update for the upcoming cRPG The Waylanders that adds quests to unlock all types of pets for the Ranger class as well as introduces tutorials, balancing improvements, and more.

With the latest update, players can add the boar, panther, wolf, and spider to their roster of fuzzy companions and also be introduced to a special quest leading to the most dangerous animal of all, THE RABBIT.

As players progress deeper into The Waylanders, Advanced Classes will become available depending on the player’s class. After Ranger players choose their advanced classes, they’ll gain access to a variety of new animal companions including two dragon types, a dog, a bear, a raven, and a magpie. In the second act of the game, a quest will unlock access to the deer companion.
While Advanced Classes aren’t playable in Early Access, here’s a quick sneak peek at a few of the upgrade paths Rangers will get at launch:
  • Hunter – A reckless ranger who favors heavy point-blank projectiles. The Hunter class combines aspects of the Ranger class with fighter (Warrior and Guardian) abilities, allowing for close-quarters combat.
  • Draconic Master – A magical ranger whose connection to the draconic beasts allows the ranger to tame or become one with them. This class gives rangers abilities inspired by the sages (Sorcerers and Healers) and unlocks dragon pets.
  • Saboteur – A tactical ranger who creates traps and other mischievous entanglements that hinder enemies, giving time to set the perfect shot. The Saboteur takes Rogue tricks and mixes them together with powerful ranged attacks.

Next month’s update brings much-asked for romances to The Waylanders as the team works towards a full release this fall. Stay tuned!

About The Waylanders:

The Waylanders is a party-based fantasy RPG inspired by the classics such as Dragon Age: Origins and Baldur’s Gate. A lot of the industry’s finest are participating in the creation of the game: Emily Grace Buck, Mike Laidlaw, Inon Zur as well as project consultant Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie. The game is currently available through Steam Early Access program and is frequently updated by the developers.


  • Unique, party-based experience that time travels between two distinct eras: Celtic and Medieval
  • Story: written by international acclaimed scriptwriters: Emily Grace Buck (Lead Writer) and Mike Laidlaw (Consultant)
  • Music by an Emmy award-winner,3 times BAFTA nominee and Fallout’s main theme composer, Inon Zur.
  • Multiple endings: choices made in one time period can have dire consequences in the other, meaning players will feel the impact of their decisions in surprising and shocking ways.
  • Strategy and innovation: gameplay features unique formations for deep, tactical combat
  • Full character customization: 6 basic and 30 advanced classes, 5 playable races based on Celtic mythology and different origins for your character
  • Companions: they are an integral part of any RPG experience, and The Waylanders offers a variety of traveling companions that can join you on your journey. The player will be able to talk to their companions in-depth, discover their past, play loyalty missions, and even experience romances with them.

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