The Waylanders Team Reveals Post-Launch Roadmap

The Waylanders

Now that Gato Salvaje‘s The Waylanders is in full Steam release, the team has prepared a new roadmap featuring content for the next several months. The first update is expected to hit in early March followed by patches in April and May. Each will address several specific areas for improvement as well as target specific content.

The March update will include quest fixes focusing on main storyline bugs as well as addressing issues with companion loyalty missions. In addition, the update will include:

  • improved animations in medieval era cutscenes
  • addressing bugs in the party selection menu
  • improvements to the selected quest feature
  • added Codex information specifically with regard to location and scrolls

The April update will address:

  • new secondary quests from Tiana and Lugaid
  • improved final boss behaviors
  • addition of new Steam achievements
  • bug fixes

May’s patch will feature:

  • performance improvements particularly on larger maps
  • progression and game balance updates including a review of experience and loot
  • texts and translation review

Once these updates have been deployed, developers will assess reception and community feedback prior to establishing what the next updates will target.

Check out the full post on The Waylanders Steam page.

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