The Waylanders Updated with Character Origin Stories

Gato Salvaje Studio has updated The Waylanders to bring some critical lore information to its player community in the form of character origin stories. This is the second of three significant game updates planned for the winter season and offers players a chance to get to know each of the eight main characters’ backgrounds and provides information about the game world.

Click the links below to see the origin story for each of the following characters:

In addition to the origin stories, the update also includes Photo Mode, quest improvements, companion AI tweaks, and bug fixes.

“The game has been heavily influenced by many of the best RPGs we’ve played over the last few decades. Part of creating a character shouldn’t just be what they look like, but also where they’re from and how they tie into the story you’re about to jump into,” said Gato Salvaje Studio Creative Director, Sergio Prieto. “Assuming your character hasn’t just sprung into existence, they should feel as if they’re part of the world. These new origins give our community deeper insight into not only the world we’re building but also how history weaves together with myth.”

Check out The Waylanders Steam page for more information.

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