The Weeny Dynasty is pretty in pink in GTA Online

GTA Online

One of the things that GTA Online players expect in each week’s update is an awesome vehicle to tempt them to spend their GTA$. This week, it’s going to be hard to resist as the perfectly pink Weeny Dynasty has rolled into the game. If driving down the road looking something like a brand new pink eraser from your childhood suits you, this is definitely the vehicle for you!

“Want the heart of British royalty compacted into one spring-loaded bundle of vintage style? Presenting the Weeny Dynasty, the latest installment in 50 years of proof that size doesn’t matter if you know how to ride.”

If that’s not enough excitement, there are lots of great things to participate in to earn some extra scratch and challenge yourself.

  • King of the Hill races offer 2X GTA$ & RP
  • Nightclub mavens can earn double income on all properties
  • 50% Bonus GTA$ is being offered in Import/Export Sell Missions
  • Biker Sell Missions, Smuggler’s Sell Missions, and Gunrunning Sell Missions sport double rewards
  • A quick spin of the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino & Resort gives you a chance to win the Ocelot Locust or any other number of prizes including GTA$, RP, clothing, and more.
  • Tons of vehicles, properties, and upgrades are on sale.

Check out all of the details on the GTA Online official site.

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