The Xbox Onesie Is Here… AGAIN

xbox onsie

The Xbox Onesie is coming back for a holiday run and gamers who are ready to get comfy under the blaze Rocket League can buy one today.

Not content with cornering the market in gamer scented shower gel, team green is now ready to keep you comfy and warm in a special Xbox flavored onesie. The Xbox “Hooded Union Suit” is a mostly black number with a range of extras especially suited to gamers who are ready to lounge the rest of the month away. Alongside the neon green trim and highlights, this one-piece has the Xbox logo emblazoned across the back and comes with hiding spots for your favorite gaming peripherals. The left pocket contains enough space for an Xbox controller or an Elite if you have the ash. There is a sleeve pocket neatly labeled for your smartphone so you can keep an eye on your achievements while achieving some… other goals.

We caught a glimpse of it on twitter after the announcement form Larry Hyrb, below

Whether you’re team green or blue let’s be honest this is a lot more useful than the shower gel or the Monster Hunter fragrance ties ins of late. The Xbox Onesie drops today on the Xbox Gear store. Right now it is available for £64.99 or local equivalent and goes from a small right up to a 4X with plenty of room to get snug in front of the fire. The Xbox item now stands alongside items like the Sea of Thieves socks and Gears of Wars PoP figurines in the online store. You’ll need to head over to the store and check out the Xbox Gear section to find this all in one.

One thing still bothers me though, I can’t quite seem to see if it is as over-engineered as the 4G for Gamer onesie from Japan’s Bauhutte. Are you getting this? Let us know below.




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