The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Is Now A Real Thing

You might need a bigger Christmas stocking, the Xbox Series X mini fridge is real and coming holiday 2021.

During E3, Microsoft made an announcement that wasn’t quite what we were all expecting. Following up on an earlier promise, and confirming that Twitter hype comes with consequences, team green unveiled the Xbox Series X mini fridge. Available to buy this holiday season, the Xbox Series X mini fridge features Xbox Velocity cooling architecture, whatever that means, and looks likely to hold around 10 cans of your choice beverage.

The announcement is newsworthy, thanks to the history of the Xbox Series X. When initially launches, the full fat next-gen console from Microsoft was compared to a fridge. Aside from the obvious memes, this resulted in a few choice PR fridges being pieced together for PR purposes. Now, consumers can grab their own, thanks to a promise that Xbox made during a Twitter brand competition, earlier this year.

The announcement that you can buy a mini fridge is hardly the most unusual branded item that Xbox Owners will have seen. The Microsoft owned gaming giant launched an Xbox scented shower gel in 2019, among other unusual add ons. While this Xbox Series X mini fridge might not be a full-sized deal, it’s at least a more light-hearted entry I the E3 lineup.

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