The Younger Generation & Esports Video Game Gambling


Since its introduction in the gaming world a decade ago, the world of eSports gambling and betting has exploded because of this, gamers have flocked to eSports competitions, tournaments, and matches in search of glory and large cash awards. It’s no surprise that punters are flocking to this industry due to its growing popularity.

This infographic focuses on the statistics of E-sports, you can see that a staggering number of players of up to 6.5 million people participate in the E-sports scene, this figure is growing rapidly, and more players are starting to get involved.  The graphic also displays the age range of players that involve themselves in any E-sports activates, it’s no surprise that many gamers in the industry are ages 18-25 as they’re studying, have allocated hours of work, and have free time.

It’s fascinating that you can place live bets on gamers around the world via the internet. You can find some eSports betting sites here, all displayed sites offer their customers fantastic welcome packages, deposit bonuses, exclusive promotions, and tips, and more!

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