There’s Big Bucks Afoot in GTA Online All Week

GTA Online

If you’re a GTA Online player and looking for a way to score some serious in-game cash, Rockstar has you covered all week. There are multiple ways to make bank with double rewards throughout as well as more than a few ways to make that cash stretch further with big sales. Let’s take a look at what’s on tap for GTAO for the balance of the week.

  • Earn Double GTA$ on Auto Shop Client Jobs and Exotic Exports
  • Take home Double GTA$ and RP in Motor Wars
  • Grab Double GTA$ and RP on all five original Heists including The Fleece Job, Prison Break, Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding, and The Pacific Standard Job
  • Complete any of the above-mentioned Heist finales to take home GTA$500,000
  • Complete the Fleece Job for a free Fleece Circuit Livery for the Ubermacht Cypher
  • Get a free Karin Tee just for logging in this week
  • The Race Creator is offering the Dinka Veto Classic and Modern
  • Head to Ammu-Nation for free Night Vision Goggles
  • Go to Vespucci Movie Masks for a free Night Vision Mask
  • Leverage a number of discounts across an array of sales items and vehicles
  • Place in the Top 4 in LS Car Meet Series Races for 6 days in a row for the Ubermacht Cypher
  • Test Rides include the Annis ZR350, Karin Futo GTX, and Karin Previon
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses and Discounts

Check out the GTA Online official site for all the details.

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