There’s Something for Everyone in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online

In this week’s crop of Red Dead Online activities, Rockstar has placed something for everyone in the queue. Whether you’re a solo player, a Trader, or something in between, there are some fun and lucrative waiting in the wings to keep you occupied.

Let’s see what’s happening in RDO this week.

  • Anyone looking for a challenge will want to check out the three brand new hardcore Telegram Missions: Good and Dead, Frontier Justice, and Cold Day in Hell.
  • Feeling speedy? If so, all Races will net Double XP throughout the week.
  • For those looking for some Role XP, both Trader and Moonshine Sales will yield +50% RDO$ and Role XP
  • Traders logging in this week will earn a Reward for 25 Trader Goods and a Reward for a Trader Resupply if Quick Draw Club No. 3 is owned.
  • Moonshiners will bring home some goodies in the form of a free Mash Refill just for logging in as well as 2k Moonshiner XP for Quick Draw Club No. 3 members. Lastly, destroying 3 Revenue Agent Roadblocks will earn an Offer for 40% off Established or Distinguished Moonshiner Role Items.
  • All players will a Stable will receive a free Horse Care Package.
  • Looking for discounts? Check these out: 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher Table and Moonshine Shack. 40% off the Hunting Wagon and 30% off Race Horses, Stable Stalls, Moonshine Shack Upgrades, Moonshiner Bar Themes, Trader Cosmetic Role Items, and all Ponchos.
  • Brand spanking new Prime Gaming Benefits for a brand new month.

Check out all of the details on the Red Dead Online official site.

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