They Are Billions – Campaign Difficulty Decreased

They Are Billions - Campaign Difficulty Decreased

Numantian Games has introduced the first post-launch content update for the strategy They Are Billions. Version 1.0.5 brings a variety of improvements to the campaign mode:

  • The default campaign mode has been changed to Accessible from Challenging
  • The general difficulty of the first missions has been lowered a bit so that it is something more accessible, especially for first-time players

  • Time limit in the first missions has been removed and expanded generously in all others
  • The bonus objects flash every so often, so it is very easy to identify them. The period of blinking changes according to the difficulty, the easier the more often they will blink. In Difficult, Brutal and Nightmare levels, they will never blink for those who enjoys a greater challenge.
  • Some adjustments were made in the tree to make the beginning more accessible.

The version 1.0.5 also introduced a number of bug fixes. Check out the update’s Steam page to learn more.

The launch week is becoming really intense. We never thought that version 1.0 would generate so much interest, opinions and feedback. That’s a sign that They Are Billions is becoming a very popular game and, as such, generates intense debate.

First of all, thank you very much to all the constructive feedback that helps us to improve the game and to correct mistakes. Thank you very much for taking the time. You know that our team is always open to everything you want to say to us.

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