They Suspect Nothing gets DLC on Friday

They Suspect Nothing

Coatsink’s latest VR adventure, They Suspect Nothing, is about to get its very first DLC update next month. The UK based developer’s tale of robot rebellion and human smarts will receive a total of 8 new mini-games in the Overclocked update, due out on 3 August.

From the minds behind Esper and Augmented Empire, They Suspect nothing is a duplicitous tale of the last human alive. Trapped in a metal metropolis, players must infiltrate this robot society by passing a series of strange human detection tests. Your progress is tracked relentlessly as you pilot drones, manage an explosives plant, and run a cataclysm, all with clockwork efficiency.

Following on from the game’s Oculus Go launch, They Suspect Nothing continues player’s trials as they attempt to go unnoticed in a world ruled by mechanoids. The new update will continue to challenge Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR owners to solve a host of VR puzzles in two brand new hubs. Arcadia City University will find players cheating their way through finals while Terminal Park will take you on a thrill ride, in a park run by an exuberant fortune teller.

8 new costume collectibles join the update, and this all comes at no additional cost. If the cataclysm simulator has piqued your interest then find out more about They Suspect Nothing and the upcoming Overclocked DLC at the official website.

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