This Is What The Xbox Series S Looks Like

This Is What The Xbox Series S Looks Like

Microsoft has finally revealed what the Xbox Series S looks like to the world and it comes in at a very competitive $299.

After months of speculation, leaks, and unofficial images surfacing on the internet, Microsoft gave us all a first official look at the Xbox Series S. What we al assume to be the entry-level for the next generation of Xbox was revealed over on Xbox social media accounts and everything about this new Microsoft console is dinky. The smaller sibling to the Xbox Series X, the Series S variant looks barely bigger than a shoebox and doesn’t look like it is packed with a ton of external features. The smallest Xbox ever looks to feature at least one USB port, a power button, but we don’t have a look at any outputs on the exterior of this new Xbox.

At this size, it is extremely unlikely that the Xbox Series S is hiding a disc drive of any sort, and that is really no surprise. While the Xbox Series X will be a fully-featured and fully priced next-gen console, the Xbox Series S will hit shelves at only $299. We don’t know exactly how that will translate to shores outside North America, but we will find out soon enough. The Xbox Series X and Series S variant do not have a release date but Windows Central has this set for 20 November, so not long by all accounts.

With the Series S allowing gamers to jump into the next generation of consoles without a ridiculous outlay, the imminent release of NVIDIA’s 3000 series, AMD’s Big Navi, the PS5, and a glut of cheap second-hand top tier GPUs, many of us are about to make that leap into our next 3-5 years. The announcement of a cheap Xbox Series S might be a winner for Microsoft at the lower end of the market and capture plenty of market share very quickly. head over to the official Xbox social channels to keep an eye out for more information or get a better look at what the Xbox Series S looks like.

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