This New Nacon RIG Pro Compact Controller Is A World First

Nacon today unveiled something of a world-first as they announced the new Rig Pro Compact controller, featuring Dolby Atmos audio.

Due to land on North American Store shelves on 20 May, the RIG Pro Compact is a brand new wired controller for Xbox platforms that aims to enhance your overall gaming experience across the next generation of gaming. Featuring the same high build quality you would expect from an established esports name, Nacon is set on raising the bar, by including Dolby Atmos for Headphones too.

Sound And Space

The RIG Pro Compact controller is something of a new direction for the RIG branding. A relatively new addition to the Nacon group, RIG is synonymous with headsets, and the inclusion of an enhanced audio experience with their very first controller seems fitting. The significance, apart from bragging rights, is that Dolby Atmos places game audio all around a player, giving greater spatial awareness to events in the virtual world. As PC gamers will confirm, spatial audio provides faster reactions and more intuitive responses when trying to change the course of a game. It’s why Activision released both Warzone and Cold War in Dolby Atmos of late, as well as a ton of other new and upcoming games.

Aside from enabling Dolby Atmos audio enhancements on Xbox, the RIG Pro Compact also bundles in several key design elements to ensure that every possible edge is available to owners of this new RIG branded device. The smaller than standard form factor of the RIG Pro Compact is intended to reduce travel distance and ensure quicker res[onses for anybody wielding this device, while the textured back grip should keep it steady. The internals include analog sticks with adjustable settings, allowing players to change the responsiveness of in game movement, while the top trigger buttons have fully customizable sensitivity and the Rig Pro Compact button mapping can be modified. All of these design elements come wired into your Xbox for minimum latency and can all be modified using a dedicated app.

Controllers are something of a bold move for this traditionally audio brand but if you are ready to give the RIG Pro Compact a look, then check out the trailer above. The PRO Compact will be available in-store in the U.S. at Best Buy on May 20 and available for online pre-order from GameStop, Walmart and Target on May 5. In Canada, the PRO Compact will be exclusively available at Walmart stores and will set you back $49.99 (USD) / $79.96 (CAN). Check out even more over on the official website now.

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