This War Of Mine: Final Cut Arrives On Next Gen Consoles After 7 Million Sales

a spooky forest backdrop from this war of mine: final cut

With painfully poignant timing, 11 Bit Studios has just launched This War of Mine: Final Cut on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and Game Pass.

After eight years and over 7 million copies, a moving reminder about the horrors of war still isn’t ready to finish waving the flag for peace. In a time when trouble creeps across Europe, it seems fitting that 11 Bit Studios has just announced that This War of Mine: Final Cut is bringing its tale to the latest generation of consoles.

Available now across Xbox and PlayStation storefronts, This War of Mine: Final Cut is complete collection of updates, patches, DLCs, and the core compendium of stories about the impact of a deadly pursuit. Featuring every enhancement added to the title since it hit PC back in 2014, the Final Cut adds in the following extra content too: Anniversary Edition, with three new locations, new NPC civilians, a new scenario, a new playable character, and more achievements, and then the Final Cut update with 4K visuals, UI adjustments, and remastered locations from both the base game and DLC with new quests and events.

“It’s no surprise that This War of Mine is one of our company’s crowning achievements. We put a lot of care into it, and the game has changed a ton in the time since console owners first had a chance to immerse themselves into these civilian struggles. We’ve improved on every aspect of the original, and now, with the potential of new hardware at our disposal, we’re proud that we’re able to present a perfected version of our bestselling gem,” states Bartek Gwardiak, Lead Producer at 11 bit studios.

While you might be more familiar with 11 Bit Studio’s society building strategy Frostpunk and our rave reviews of its icy achievements, This War of Mine is a tale that seems to have plenty of relevance right now. Playing as a group of civilians, stuck in a besieged city, players must guide this gaggle of survivors through adversity and out the other side. Coping with all sorts of trials, you’ll need to overcome a lack of food, medicine, and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers. Assuming you make it through then your emotions probably won’t come out unscathed.

You can find this powerful narrative on the Xbox and PlayStation stores or play it via Xbox Game Pass.

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