This Week at Bungie reveals Destiny 2 subclass changes

Destiny 2

The latest “This Week at Bungie” has been published that reveals some significant changes coming to subclasses in Destiny 2. “We’re planning to shake things up with some changes to your Guardian abilities,” the post reads. The post not only provides readers with information about changes but also design notes about why specific things are being altered.

“We’re committed to maintaining a fun and fair sandbox for both PvP and PvE, and we considered data for all game modes when making adjustments.”

So here are some of the biggest changes incoming:

  • Warlock melee range is being extended to a total of 5.5 meters to provide fairer combat advantages in melee fights. “This is a more interesting solution to melee disparity than homogenizing all of the melee attacks.”
  • Titan Barricades have long been a staple for teams to be able to resurrect fallen teammates safely. However, in the next Season, devs will be “creating counters to the barricade while also raising its health from 500 hp to 600 hp”.  A number of weapons will do significantly more damage to Barricades.
  • One-shot abilities have been tuned for the risk/reward factor. Devs warn that some look “extreme on paper, but we made a point to make sure these abilities retained their overall feel”.
  • General subclass tuning is being deployed to “tighten the gameplay balance”.

The blog also has information about new Twitch Prime Rewards and some neat fan videos. You can check out all of the details and the reasons behind the decisions by visiting the Destiny 2 official blog.

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