This Wireless Sennheiser Headset has a 100 Hour Battery Life! Get Ready For One Very Long Raid.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 just launched and it’s ready to outlast you on every single quest because this new wireless gaming headset comes fully charged with a 100 hour battery life.

Released today, the cord-free Sennheiser GSP 370 comes fitted with all the audio fidelity that you would expect from the Sennheiser brand. The headset’s low latency wireless connection delivers crystal clear audio clarity to gamers with near-zero delay, allowing the GSP 370 to compete against the toughest of competition. The onboard audio tech is built to the exacting standards found in the excellent Sennheiser GSP 350, while the literature promises an exceptional bass experience. More definitive specs on early review samples have the headset managing 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for the headphones. The noise canceling microphone also has a reported response rate of 100Hz to 6.3 kHz ad can be muted by flipping the boom arm to an upright position.

Keep On Going On

Since the GSP 370 is likely to make it far further than you in the next 24 hour stream, comfort is going to be king when selling this headset to gamers. Sennheiser has opted to stick with a padded split headband design and includes the expected cushioning for around your earholes. Hinges are also built into this design, allowing the earcups to contour to a range of forms and shapes, While it all looks pretty sizeable there is no telling how all this padding will impact on the weight of a 100 hour battery until we get a pair of these on our head.

Sennheiser won’t go into the details of power conservation, although we are pretty sre their batteries have got to be bigger than some of the wireless competition. We do know that the GSP utilizes a proprietary USB dongle that transmits around the 24.GHz range and makes the headset PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4 compatible. For PC players, you’ll be able to tweak the output of the GSP 370 with the included Sennheiser Gaming Suite. No, there isn’t any RGB lighting on this particular device and you can’t take it out on the daily commute but I’m pretty sure that not having to charge for several months is worth the compromise. If you do manage to drain the GSP 370, Sennheiser does kindly include a brand new micro USB cable that will allow gamers to keep on going while the GSP 370 recharges. The GSP370 is available now over at the Sennheiser store for around $199.95/€199



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