Three Newly Announced Games Top The First 505 Games Showcase

miasma chronicles main character in front of a crystaline object Three Newly Announced Games Top The First 505 Games Showcase

Miasma Chronicles, Stray Blade, and Among The Trolls unveiled a first look at a trilogy of new worlds as 505 Games kicked off their first ever online showcase today. The 40 minute show for everything 505 related has just wrapped up and three brand new looks headlined the torrent of action, adventure, and flashy trailers from this publishing house. You can check the full showcase or take a glimpse of the three new games below.

Among The Trolls


The first of these three new titles is an experience that is entirely disconnected from your RGB fuelled desktop. Getting away from it all, and taking place out in the back end of the woods, this is no Firewatch. Among the Trolls is a huge new first person action adventure that offers much more character than some of the gaming scene’s better known sandbox sims. Embarking on a quest to find your vanquished grandparents, players start out from an abandoned cabin out in the Finnish woods. Nordic mythology seems to seep in between the treeline and permeates this new title. We’re not going to say any more about how it all unfolds, but this inventive twist on the traditional fight for survival is certainly not going to involve dinosaurs. You can check out the absolutely gorgeous trailer and find out more on the official website now.


Stray Blade


stray blade


Next up on the main stage of the 505 Showcase was Stray Blade. Where Among the Trolls has a mysterious and haunting beauty, Stray Blade is wild in a very different way. Developed by Point Blank Games and coming to PC Steam, Epic, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2023, this action combat experience is all about savage swings and bladed weapons. Set in an ancient Valley of Acrea, you’ll spend your time exploring the mysteries of this war-torn area with your companion, the Xhinnon wolf Boji. Along the way you’ll discover the story of Acrea and its ancient legacy, find out what ravaged this landscape, and meet some less than hospitable natives. Of course, there’s some intense action combat involved when things kick off, plenty of cool ways to upgrade, and epic boss battles. To get an idea of what’s waiting, check out the trailer and head over to the Stray Blade website.


Miasma Chronicles



Finally, the latest title from the team behind Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden also got an outing today. Miasma Chronicles, a title that almost seems a little like something Kojima might put out, is a tactical trip across a desolate America. In the not-too-distant future, the land of the free has been ravaged by a force known as the Miasma. Now, it’s up to players to buddy up with their brethren and trek across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to find the answers they crave, and probably change the course of history too. Oh, and his older brother is a robot. While the recent showcase didn’t give too much away, Miasma Chronicle probably isn’t quite a Full Metal Alchemist clone. Instead, this beautifully assembled tactical title is likely to impress when it eventually lands. Check out more over on the official website too

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