Throne of Lies Review


By now I assume all of us gathered at this table has played some sort of boardgame with friends and family. You know the kind where we have to betray, backstab, trick, or troll the group for the funsies. Throne of Lies is a game on PC where each person takes on a role and start to troll. Are you ready to compete for the Throne of Lies? I am and have, this is our Throne of Lies review.

Much like Salem, Werewolf, and Mafia, Throne of Lies is 3D online game where players must stop the traitors in their midst less the traitors win the game. Up to 16 players can participate as a randomly picked role of 4 factions. In Throne of Lies, we have the following factions, The Blue Dragon, The Unseen, The Cult and Neutral. Each faction has many roles and each role has different abilities to help you find the devils in disguise or if you are one of the villains, ability to help you win.

The Blue Dragon is good people with roles such as the King and Prince. The Unseen would be the first of the antagonist factions housing the Evil King and Assassin roles. The Cult, obviously an antagonist housing the Cult King, indeed another king, but also has the Cult Leader. Then there is the Neutral Faction, as the names state they are neutral. In the neutral faction, goals differ depending on the role you get.

My experience so far in this game has been a bit like my beginning moments playing Salem back when it first released. Throne of Lies was fun starting off. Allowing one to have a custom character adds to the fun of being able to see the death screens and executions. After the novelty of that wore off, the repetitiveness begins to set in. The internet quickly began to show itself, not saying all are like this but you know who is if the first thing you do in a lobby is call a person you’ve never spoken with a name worse than foul.


As it is a game played online one comes to expect it. At a certain point, you come to realize the roles are not that important as anyone can troll and it has not seemed that anyone plays the roles as intended. In the last game, I was in an Observer of the Blue Dragon faction, the Prince trolled me and every other member. I’m pretty sure I was also in a match where two people opposite faction worked together to kill everyone. Just go into the game knowing this is the Throne of Lies, assume everyone is lying even when proven innocent.


One important part of the game is taking notes in your log book. Most times when a person accuses you they will ask for your logs because somehow that will prove you innocent? Like letters or a parents signature, you can lie and make it up. Even if you tell the truth there Is no guarantee they will believe you. As I find those more helpful for keeping track of oneself, I find it pointless as a way to prove innocence when asked for it. They will find out one way or another when they execute you. Throne of Lies can be a lot of fun with the right group of people. Pugging makes that vary a lot but if you have 16 friends looking for a fun time, I’d recommend giving Throne of Lies a try. Even if you don’t have friends to make a custom group, go in with a trickster or troll mindset and you’ll come out having fun.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on (platform) with a code provided by PR.

SCORE:  7/10


  • Pro 1 Many roles to be
  • Pro 2 Character Customization
  • Pro 3 Great fun with friends


  • Quickly repetitive
  • layer interactivity varies
  • Trolling Good time

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