Tim Sweeney Explains Why Exclusives For Epic Games Store

Tim Sweeney Explains Why Exclusives For Epic Games Store

Ever since the launch of Epic Games Store, the Internet is filled with arguing over games switching from Steam to be EGS exclusives.

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games Founder and CEO, has been approached on Twitter with a question about EGS aggressive exclusives politic instead of politely asking the games to be on the platform. Check out the tweet storm that followed below!

If you don’t want to scrolls through a dozen tweets, here’s a TL/DR:

Tim Sweeney states that there is no set of features which Epic or any other store out there could add that would be so revolutionary as to move gamers from a dominant store to a new one. The team believes exclusives to be the only strategy to change the status quo at a large scale to permanently affect the industry.

The 30% store tax usually exceeds the entire profits of the developer who built the game that’s sold. This is a disastrous situation for developers and publishers alike, so I believe the strategy of exclusives is proportionate to the problem.

While unpopular with Steam gamers, the approach will ultimately benefit gamers after the storefronts have rebalanced and developers have reinvested more of the fruits of their labor into creation rather than taxation.

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