Time To Ditch The Bike as FitXR Add New Subscription & VR Fitness Classes

FitXR, the VR team behind a range of VR based fitness titles has announced a new business model that will add daily classes, leaderboards, and multiplayer movement to your VR headset.

Announced yesterday, FitXR has unveiled a brand new membership model for fans of its VR fitness titles alongside a raft of improvements for anybody looking to get ready to escape lockdown. While I may have spent most of the year in an uphill struggle against other major fitness apps, and moving in some very pricey home gym equipment, FitXR has been eagerly getting gamers into shape with its range of AR and VR fitness titles. Now, the team that mixed rhythm gaming with  VR boxercise is set to take on more premium subscription based fitness brands with its own membership.

New Fitness Classes

Live now, the FitXR membership is available on the Oculus Quest platform for $9.99 a month. The subscription based move might immediately seem like a bad move when the words ‘live service’ are synonymous with gaming outrage, but the pay offs are pretty substantial for VR fitness fans. FitXR is ramping up its library of classes with a new VR fitness class every single day. Designed by professional instructors, this variety of content means you’ll be able to shake off the boredom of knowing exactly when to squat and lunge yet again. FitXR also detailed more of the changes coming for that monthly fee, with a new multiplayer option. Up to 7 friends, family and competition can now team up to take classes together with in game voice chat and stats to compete against.

These new features and classes have a new soundtrack too. FitXR has penned a deal with Warner Music UK’s dance label, FFRR, to bring a fresh new set of tracks to the Box, Dance, and upcoming HIT studios. With tons of additional tweaks, extra backgrounds, a Clifftop studio, and UI enhancements, there’s plenty to entice you off the treadmill while you’re aiming to get in shape.

Personally, I’m pretty excited to try out the new changes. Who knows, grabbing an Oculus Quest 2 or hooking up your Rift S might end up being a wonderful chance to the daily run. If you’re more inclined to feel the wind in your hair, we listed some great fitness gaming ideas here at Gamespace too. Check out the new details over at the FitXR website now.

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