Time To Lose Your Phone Again as Simulacra 2 Launches


Simulacra 2, the follow up to the hugely successful Simulacra game, has just launched for PC and it looks set to make you wary of ever touching an orphaned iPhone ever again.

Brought to Steam and GoG by Taiwanese publisher Another Indie, this new found phone horror game comes to PC thanks to a team with some serious pedigree in the field of psychological horror. Simulacra 2 is a sequel to the highly acclaimed first Simulacra title, which was Kaigan Game’s follow up to Sara’s Missing. With a definite understanding of what makes a found phone game disturbing, the newest Kaigan Games title finds a social media star, called Maya, dead.

Hack The Planet

All that players have to go on in this detective story is a mysteriously wiped mobile phone. Heading off on an unsanctioned investigation, players proceed to use this platform as best they can to uncover the reason for Maya’s death before something gruesome happens again. A range of hacking skills, Maya’s influencer network, and some gut hunches to get tot the root of this story.

SimulacraSimulacra 2 includes:

• Inventive and realistic apps for complete immersion in the SIMULACRA universe.
• A more complex and immersive narrative with 8 possible outcomes.
• A larger live-action cast.
• A deeper look into an ominous universe where nothing is as what it seems.
• Enjoy 4K videos documenting the horror behind this macabre crime [Take a look at the Autopsy Report for an example].

The dark and gripping tales that Kaigan Games are known for seem set to continue unsettling those of us that take on these gruesome tales. Simulacra 2 is out now on PC. You can pick it up over at GoG and Steam for around £6.99 or local equivalent. Check out the trailer above to get a look at this game or find out more over on the official website.


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