Time To Play Quantum League For Free This Weekend

Quantum League, the recently released time-twisting arena shooter from Nimble Giant Entertainment, is going free to play this weekend.

Just in case you thought that there was an opportunity to head outdoors and bask in the sun, Quantum League has an opposing offer. The time-twisting arena shooter from Nimble Giant Entertainment is hosting a free to play weekend over on Steam. The PC based title is open to all from 10 Am PDT today right through to Monday, August 3rd, 10 am PDT, so you’ve only got a few hours to wait to get pewing.

Time To Battle

This particular online shooter differentiates itself from other hero-based arena battlers with time travel. In an alternate future, where time travel has changed the course of professional sports, you must team up with your past and future selves in a time loop to battle opponents in casual or ranked matches through a variety of maps, Featuring a bright aesthetic, a host of 1v1 and 2v23 map modes, and some strangely strategic gameplay, Quantum League is definitely something a bit different.

Players joining in the free event this weekend will also benefit from the addition of an extra map to this fairly new game. To celebrate the free weekend the developers have launched a new update (0.7.3), which includes the Cargo map. This update also adds a new spectator mode, weapons improvements, new skins and more. You can take a look at the full list of all the update additions in the video, above.

To jump into the Quantum League free weekend, head over to the official Steam Store page in the next few hours or take your time and grab the game at a discounted price of $9.99 or local equivalent,. The discount remains valid until August 6th, so there’s no need to go travelling back to pick up the game before you try it. See you in a few hours, or yesterday, or sometime next week. I’m not quite sure.

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