Tiny Barbarian DX Slashes Its Way To Nintendo Switch

Size Doesn't Matter

Nicalis Inc. has proudly announced the release of retro-inspired 2D Hack-and-Slash platformer Tiny Barbarian DX for Nintendo Switch. The game is available for $30 as a digital download from Nintendo eShop as well as a physical game card in North America.  Players get to control a savage swordsman who sets on a journey to seek out treasure, a flagon of mead and some company.  His size might be laughable compared to the bosses he encounters, but do not underestimate his battle prowess.

Michael Stearns of StarQuail Games says:

“If the Barbarian isn’t your favorite archetype already, it will be after playing this game.” A huge fan of sword-and-sorcery pulp fiction and 16-bit-era video games, Stearns prefers to let his creation speak for itself. “But since it can’t talk, I’ll just tell you: Tiny Barbarian DX is the only game that matters this year.”


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