Tiny Royale Gets Gaming on Snapchat

tiny royale

Get ready to ditch the Snapchat filters for something a little more deadly as ZNGA Inc announce the launch of a brand new battle royale shooter. Tiny Royale is coming to Snap Games.

Landing exclusively on Snap’s own multiplayer gaming platform, Tiny Royale takes the massive free for all that is Battle Royale and distills it down into a fast-paced top-down shooter. Tiny Royale is a blisteringly fast set of two-minute rounds that expire almost as quickly as the player count. As the game goes on and he map contracts, players can loot and shoot their way through other players to be the last one standing. You won’t always have to go alone either. Players can form teams of up to four friends in order to win out.

These friendly teams even make perfect sense for a Tiny Royale. As a multiplayer game based on a social media platform, it should fit the format perfectly. Group finder isn’t the only aspect of this shooter that makes use of the Snap platform either. Built specifically for Snapchat users, Snap Games allows players to dive straight into a game from Snapchat’s messaging feature. It runs on the PlayCanvas engine and incorporates the type of integrated voice and text chat functions that you’d expect from a company that thrives on person to person communication.

While we have yet to see if this all makes for something that will hook gamers, we do know Zynga are a massive force in mobile gaming and seem to be seriously committed to creating some carnage. Tiny Royale will be hosting a ranked matchmaking feature once you’ve had time to settle in. Kicking off this summer, the Tiny Royal Leagues feature will encourage competitive play by putting players into groups of 100 people and rewarding them for their placement and progression. If you want something a bit more personal than PubG mobile then get ready for Tiny Royale on Snap Games soon.

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