Tipping the Odds in Your Favor at the GTA Casino

GTA Casino

When it was announced last July that the GTA5 Diamond Casino and Resort was, at last, going to open its doors, it created not a little excitement and anticipation. Them, when the big day arrived, players were definitely not disappointed.

Here was a whole new way to win money, add to car collections and even buy exclusive penthouses within the resort. In short, it was the perfect addition to the high roller’s lifestyle.

But the really shrewd players quickly worked out some ways to give themselves an even better chance of winning in the casino so here are a couple of tips that many players have reported that work.

Unfortunately, there have been no hacks reported for winning on the many different slots in the casino. But with an official RTP of 98.7%, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. For the novice in these matters, the RTP stands for “Return To Player” and is the proportion of stake money returned to the player, on average, over time.

It’s a great way to judge a slots game and that’s why, when you look at real online casino slots, you’ll usually find it’s a figure given in writing on the page review. For example, you can see at the link that the 9 Masks of Fire Slot has an RTP of 96.24%, alongside plenty more information including details of bonuses and special features. The slots in GTA5 are far more basic versions and lack the latter.

But one very basic game in the Diamond Casino that has been proved to be quite easy to manipulate is the Lucky Wheel. With the top prize up for grabs of a new car, it’s certainly well worth giving a spin each time you drop into the casino – especially when there’s an (almost) sure-fire way to win.

For this to work it must be your first trip to the casino in any session. You should also check that the “clothing” prize is at the top of the wheel.

Then head for the wheel and put your hand on it as if to play, but don’t set it in motion. Time exactly four seconds before you do and then give it the gentlest of spins. This should almost always win you the car and immediately confetti will fall and you’ll get a message congratulating you and inviting you to pick up the keys for the casino’s podium car from the reception desk.

If you then want to continue your winning streak, head for the Inside Track horse racing and choose to play the Single Event rather than the Main Event. Keep on refreshing the screen until you arrive at a race in which the favorite is at evens and the second favorite is at 5/1 at least. Place your maximum bet on the favorite and you’re pretty much guaranteed to double your money.

So hopefully these couple of tips will help you to amass a little more cash in the form of GTA dollars – and that’s going to make you even more of a player!

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