Titan Quest: Legendary Edition Bringing Epic Adventures to Mobile Devices

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

HandyGames has announced Titan Quest: Legendary Edition for mobile devices. Pre-registration and pre-ordering are available for both iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play. The forthcoming Legendary Edition is considered a “premium title” in that it will not feature microtransactions or hidden paywalls. “You only pay once and get the entire package” which consists of the base game and all DLC that were created for the PC version.

  • Legendary Edition: Includes the base game and all currently available DLC (Immortal Throne, Ragnarök, Atlantis)
  • Massive content: A vast amount of handcrafted quests aims to immerse players in the world of mythology and all its characters and lore
  • Optimized for mobile: Controls and performance have been adjusted to make this experience as mythically amazing on mobile devices as it is on PC and consoles
  • Full Control: Use your device’s touchscreen or take advantage of the implemented controller support if you prefer
  • Choose your challenge: Select from three difficulty settings and decide if you’d like to breeze through the story or get a crushing challenge with every fight
  • Relentless Battle: Play the new Endless Mode that comes with the Atlantis DLC
  • Narrated Story: Talk to professionally voiced NPCs to accept new Quests and learn about the world you’re in

Those who already own the base game on their mobile device will have the option to purchase the DLC separately. Those who wish to purchase the full Legendary Edition will be able to do so for $19.99.

Check out the links above to find out more about Titan Quest: Legendary Edition for mobile devices.

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