Titanfall 2 Shares Latest Frontier News Network Update

Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts and Repsawn Entertainment shared what the team will be doing for Titanfall 2 in closest months.

TitanFall 2: Frontier News Network 04.13.2017

Between April and June the team is going to add 2 more general multiplayer maps as well as 2 more new Live Fire maps. Additionally, players can expect a new Titan and two more purchaseable Prime Titans: Ronin and Tone.

The team will continue to support the game with content, trials and more. In addition, developers spoke of updates in work for the game:

  • Gen cap increased to 100
  • Private Match settings will be expanded with Live Fire and Coliseum
  • A new faction
  • A new game mode – Marked for Death
  • More Pilot executions
  • Addition refinements to matchmaking like estimated wait time and more
  • More purchasable camos, skins, etc. from the store

You can find out more about what the developers have in store on the official site.

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