Titanfall Assault Arrives for Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Nexon has announced that Titanfall Assault has arrived for both iOS and Android devices. The new game allows players to get their game fix any time, anywhere.

Titanfall Assault

Players will find a lot to like about the new game including mobile RTS action that features fast action and PvP battles. Add in a free-to-play price tag and it’s a surefire success.

As Commanders, players can create a squad of Pilots, Titans and Burn Cards. Pilots will use movement on the battlefield to navigate, take on grunts and control key locations on the map. Titans will hold the lanes, provide invaluable defense and show their true power when taking on turrets. Burn Cards will add battlefield support to tip the scales of combat. Players adapt their strategies across a variety of maps. The battle-tested game play mode, Hardpoint Domination, will have competitors vying for control of the map or going for all the glory .

You can check out more on the App Store or over at Google Play.

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