TMORPG Book of Travels Is Now Available in Early Access

TMORPG Book of Travels Is Now Available in Early Access

Developer and publisher Might and Delight released the TMORPG (a Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Book of Travels into Steam Early Access! The team expects the game to stick in EA for around two years to allow the devs to work on a larger game world, more skills, playable forms, endeavors, narrative events and overall polish of the title.

This ’tiny’ online RPG is an open world where Travellers will explore a land of dappled sunshine and storm strewn clouds, discovering stories and doing tasks together or alone.

Inspired by the genre classics, Book of Travelers is a serene adventure that sets you adrift in a fairytale world… it’s also an invitation to roleplay without the restraints of linear missions and plotlines. Feel at liberty to travel the free wilds and vivid cities of the Braided Shore peninsula. Wander deep into the layers of this hand-drawn world, stumble upon its hidden places or unravel one of its many mysteries. There is no overarching goal and no real beginning or end, but for mortal characters the stakes can be high.

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