Today’s ARMS Update Brings Arena Mode And LAN Play Features

Party Focused Update

Today’s ARMS update, version 1.1.0 introduces “Arena Mode” which is accessible via an extra option for local multiplayer  (i.e. connect with other players that are located with the same room). It differs from “Party” mode by adding the “Spectator” feature promised during E3. Up to four systems can form a local “lobby”. While in the lobby you take part in one-on-one matches while the other two players “spectate”. A split screen is available to swap between four viewpoints when spectating.

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Wait There’s More “LANTastic” Stuff!

Also being introduced today is a “LAN Play” feature. LAN play offers the same modes as wireless local (“Party” and the new “Arena” mode) but via your Local Area Network (LAN). This play mode implies gaining any improved “stability” that a wired LAN can offer.

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