Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War – Major Update Inbound

Anime fans prepare to feast, as GameSamba has announced a “major” update coming to its mobile action RPG, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War. Players are being served up new SSR versions (moar S’s must be better, right?) of an unannounced number of heroes, with Tokyo Ghoul protagonist Ken Kaneki, as well as Ayato Kirishima, confirmed.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, the first TG mobile game in English, follows the story of Ken Kaneki, an unassuming university student, who was just recently turned into a hybrid. You will develop your powers, gain new allies, and find plenty of gear to equip and upgrade as you fight your way through 3D action combat on Android or iOS.

Whether choosing new heroes or their current faves, players will finally be able to show off their ultimate crew in a new person vs. person mode. With over 50 ghouls, hybrids, and even humans to unlock, players will have plenty of options to flesh out their squad of 6 heroes before heading into a five-round battle against other players, in real-time with cross-server support! The PVP teaser trailer on the Dark War Facebook page shows this new PVP mode isn’t just a rehash of the hands-off arena battles, but instead allows the player the ability to show off their skills through full control of the heroes and their abilities.

For those unfamiliar, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is set in an alternate world Tokyo from the manga penned by Sui Ishida and the anime series that followed. In this dark fantasy reality, humans are not at the top of the food chain. That position is held by Ghouls and hybrids (half human, half ghoul), a cannibalistic species that live in secret among the human population. Although their outer appearance is the same as humans, their inner physiology is completely different, giving them enhanced abilities. This comes at a cost, as Ghouls are only able to feed on human and Ghoul flesh, with any other food (except for coffee, of course they can drink coffee) making them ill. In an effort to eradicate this threat, the humans created the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul), a special force of investigators tasked with hunting and eliminating the ghoul threat wherever their activity is detected.

About GameSamba

GameSamba is a publisher and developer of free-to-play and mobile games, with studios in Seattle, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. The company’s mission is to bring high quality titles to a global audience. GameSamba currently publishes Star Trek™: Alien DomainTokyo Ghoul: Dark War18: Dream World and has upcoming titles including Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey and two mobile games based on Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan. For more information, visit


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