Tombstar: The Space Western is the new game from The Creator Of Crossy Road

Forget the avian problems for a moment and check out the trailer for Tombstar: The Space Western, coming to PC and Console in 2021.

Just announced by No More Robots, Tombstar is more than just another tale of varmints and heroes in the old west. This newly announced top down adventure is the latest title from the same team that are known for games like Descenders, Yes, Your Grace, and Hypnospace Outlaw and comes shooting out the mind of Crossy Road creator Andy Sum and fellow Australian game designer Marcus Grambau. The brightly colored top down shooter is set to take plenty of inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons of the 1990s, as you set out on adventure in the mysterious Tombstar system.

Hands In The Air

This new mix of bullet hell gunplay and procedural exploration is set somewhere on the outer reaches of the Frontier Galaxy. The Tombstar system might just be another backwater, or it might be a ticket to riches. Players picking up Tombstar will control a team or misfits as they blaze through hordes of assorted space scum, from pistol wielding cowpokers to laser packing robots. There will, of course, be plenty of loot to collect along the way, a plethora of useful upgrades, and a selection of dynamic weapons on offer.

As you blast your way through four distinct planets, players will overcome a variety of different alien landscapes, each with their own challenges. There is only going to be one way to rid the scum of the galaxy from Tombstar, come out shooting. Tombstar might not seem like it is going to change our perception of video games but it does look like a lovingly crafted adventure with plenty of heart. You can get a glimpse of what’s about to land in Tombstar by signing up for the Tombstar closed beta, which will take place later this year. Until then you can watch out for more information over on the official Tombstar: The Space Western website.

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