Tools Up! Prepares To Renovate Your Front Room In December

Tools Up! and put your paint pots down. The Knights of Unity and All in! Games have unveiled their brand new couch co-op and it is out to renovate PC and consoles this December.

Coming to spruce up Xbox One, Pc, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch Tools Up! is a game about renovating rooms and doing some classic DIY. Players grabbing a controller and pitching in will face a race against the clock as they try to renovate an apparent before time runs out. You’ll need all your friends as the local couch co-op and online multiplayer experience throws a range of awkward challenges at you and sometimes other players too.

Filled with lovable quirky characters, this hectic multiplayer certainly likes to paint things in a bright range of colors while you rearrange the room. Each apartment you enter is filled with a variety of props and surrounded by its own weather front. You’ll be able to crash through walls, lay down tiles, and throw tolls to each other It is up to you if you follow the available blueprints or just free your inner stylist upon the unfolding chaos.

Tools Up! Has a brand new trailer for players looking for something or a sampler and this certainly seems to live up to expectations. Sitting somewhere between Overcooked and Tool Time, Tools Up! looks like more fun than making the stuffing this holiday season. If you are interested in this very different type of Construction Simulator then check out the trailer or head over to the official website for more details. You’ll also find Tools Up! Over on the Playstation Store, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, and Steam when it arrives.

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