Top 10 Augmented Reality (AR) Games Available Right Now

Mobile AR Games

The development of the metaverse has brought new possibilities such as 3D interactive internet. Today, all focus is on augmented reality and virtual reality, innovations that have been made popular by this technological revolution. Even as we speak, AR has found numerous applications including in online gaming. If you’ve been looking to try some AR games, here are the best titles available in the market.

1. Egg, Inc

This is a free-to-play clicker farming game available for Android devices. It comes with casual gameplay that does not require much thinking. Usually, the goal is to put up a farm, collect resources, hatch chicks, raise chicken, and then upgrade your stuff. Though most of the gameplay happens on your smartphone, there are some in-game AR elements that use ARCore software from Google. This means your mobile device must also support ARCore before you can enjoy the augmented reality features.

2. Knightfall AR

A battle strategy game, Knightfall AR takes you into the world of Warriors and Knights. Your main goal is to protect Acre from the Mamluk Warriors. You can reinforce your defenses, kill enemies, push warriors back and earn gold, all in AR mode. As you win battles, you will unlock new challenges. Additionally, AR works magic during gameplay to deliver an immersive experience. For example, the Photo mode AR feature allows you to select game characters and use them at your pleasure.

3. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you are an ardent fan of the Harry Potter film franchise, this title is a must-have. It is a mystical adventure game in which a calamity has occurred in the world of wizards. As one of the wizards, you must collaborate with others to solve it and defeat the enemies. With the game’s AR component, you can walk around in a real-life world, collecting various things and battling with enemies. Moreover, during gameplay, there will be cameos of popular characters from the film.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

4. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is no doubt the most well-known AR game on this list. In fact, it is often used as a benchmark in the development of other AR-based gaming apps. Pokemon Go generated worldwide interest when it was produced back in 2016 due to its engaging user experience. The game is all about capturing Pokemon, hitting up Pokestops, and battling Gyms. With its AR element, you can view and capture Pokemons in a real environment and bring virtual items to life in real-time.

5. Temple Treasure Hunt

This game uses augmented reality to support its geo-location mode. Temple Treasure Hunt comes with lots of mysteries, adventures, and legends, making it the perfect AR gaming app. During gameplay, you can play either as a treasure protector or a hunter. As the treasure protector, you need to create hurdles so that hunters find it hard to discover the treasure. Conversely, as the hunter, you’ll have to do everything possible to find it. You must however follow the game’s interactive map in both cases.

6. Zombies, Run

Once you begin using this AR gaming app, your morning jogs won’t be the same again. Available on both Android and iOS, it is specially targeted at those who love doing morning jogs. The game places you in a world full of zombies right from the beginning. To survive the attacks, you need to run and pick various objects along the way. By running faster, you succeed in getting rid of the zombies. Besides, the game updates you in real-time how far behind the zombies are.

7. Jurassic World Alive

Go back to the pre-historic age when dinosaurs used to roam Earth by playing Jurassic World. The augmented reality in this game will allow you to explore various aspects of the imaginary world in full immersion. You will come across dinosaurs, mammoths, and tyrannosaurus and collect DNA samples to build your own raptor. Furthermore, you’ll be able to share your invention with other players in real-time. With its well-crafted graphics, this title makes its way to this line-up of top AR games.

8. AR Sports Basketball

This is a top AR mobile game suitable for basketball fans. Unlike other games in this list, AR Sports Basketball uses a simpler augmented reality integration level. With this feature, you can shoot the ball into the hoop anytime and from anywhere in real-time. Apart from that, the technology also allows different gaming modes including standard, desk as well as a multiplayer option. The only drawback is that the game is only available to players with iOS devices.

9. Beer Pong AR

The classic Beer Pong board game has found its way to full augmented reality. Beer Pong AR allows you to pick the surroundings where you wish to install the beer. Once you are done installing it, you and your friends can take turns throwing ping-pong balls. In addition, Beer Pong AR also allows you to choose the best angle for the perfect throw. That said, the thrill delivered by this AR game is akin to the one experienced when playing online slots games.

10. Army of Robots

There are numerous innovative mobile AR games out there, and Army of Robots is one of them. This is a first-person shooter game that is available for both Android and iOS users. With its AR component, the game adapts to your body movements, hence delivering an immersive shooting experience. You can move around, shooting your robot enemies using your smartphone and as you progress, you face even tougher enemies. It is truly one of the top shooter AR games in the market today.


Augmented reality has definitely come a long way since it was invented. Today, both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store are full of AR games that you can download. Since the games are many, it can be quite overwhelming to select the best. With the aforementioned options, you can begin your immersive AR gaming journey. Other notable AR games available out there include Ingress Prime, Invaders Attack AR, and Jenga AR.

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