Top 10 Brain Games to Play on Android and iOS (2021)

Brain Training

Video Games are mostly considered a fun activity to forget all the stress and relax in everyone’s busy lifestyle. However, these video games are no more just a fun activity. But they can help you learn new things and train your brain. Sudoku and Chess are the games that come first in everyone’s mind when we think of brain training games. But, there are a lot of other cool brain games available on the web to train your brain.

Most people play games on their mobile phones. So, we share the best brain games to train your brain for both Android and iOS users. All the games on this list of best brain games will help you improve your knowledge and make your brain sharper.

Coming to the Advantages, Brain Games do not require high configuration mobile devices and advanced gaming accessories. We can play these games on any Android and iOS device.

Let’s check out the best Brain Games for Android and iOS!

1. Brain Out – Can you pass it?

Brain Out is a trivial, fun game that tests your imagination power. You need to think out of the box to play this game. It comes with very interesting, fun puzzles and trivial questions. Brain Out presents an imaginary situation in front of you, and then you need to answer a very trivial question asked by the game. It helps you to make your mind sharp, so you deal with un-imaginary situations in your real life.

Brain Out is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases to unlock new levels or remove the advertisements.

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  1. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is a brain training game that gives you different scenarios and simple games that test your decision-making ability, memorization ability, and tests your precision. Lumosity comes with many games with different levels, and each new level comes with increased difficulty. Lumosity lets you sign up with social login and make a personal profile where you can track your progress throughout the game.

Lumosity is a game for people of any age, from a junior kid to an adult; anyone can play it and train their brain. Lumosity offers you 14 days free trial of their premium plan, which includes 50+ brain games, detailed insights of your training, and a personalized profile. If you don’t want to pay, you can still play this game and train your brain. Every day, you’ll be introduced to new games that will test the sharpness and thinking power of your brain.

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  1. Elevate – Brain Training Games

Elevate helps you empower your brain while playing a few simple games that improve your critical thinking power and focus on reading and writing. It includes a collection of more than 30 games to develop critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension. Elevate keeps track of your daily tasks and the stats by making a personalized profile. You can signup for Elevate with your social media profiles like Google, Facebook, etc.

Elevate offers you 7 days of the free trial while signing up, but you can continue with a free one. You get 3 games per day and 22 in total. No detailed insights, only simple metrics.

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  1. Peak – Brain Games & Training

Peak is a fun brain game to challenge your mind with different tasks and improve your memory and attention. It comes with more than 45 brain games to challenge your memory, language and critical thinking while keeping your mind active. Peak brain games are made in partnership with some big universities like Cambridge and New York University.

Peak brain games challenge your memory, attention, math, problem-solving, creativity, and emotion control. You can compete with your friends by comparing your brain points and the leader board. Peak games can be played while you’re offline.


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  1. Memorado – Brain Games

Memorado is a brain training game build by a team of neuroscientists that help you to boost your cognitive skills like attention, memory, logic, and reasoning. It comes with more than 30 games with over 900 levels and more than 100 meditative audio sessions.

Memorado also provides you detailed insights and other statistics to figure out your strong and weak points. You’ll have your own personalized profile that helps you figure out the potential areas that need some improvements.

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  1. NeuroNation – Brain Training & Brain Games

NeuroNation is one of the popular names in neuroscience. NeuroNation games aim towards improving your memory and concentration power with simple brain training games. It comes with more than 25 games with 250+ levels to challenge your memory and concentration. It is made through scientific collaborations with Edith Cowan University and Queens University.

NeuroNation provides you detailed analysis and reports of your progress in the game. It is an ad-supported game with in-app purchases for extra features.

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  1. brain:code – brain teasers

brain:code is a brain game that helps you learn new things daily and solve complex problems to improve your critical thinking. It comes with complex puzzles that you need to solve by thinking out of the box. You’ll have too much fun while solving these complex puzzles. It improves your concentration power and ability to make decisions. brain:code comes with more than 40 levels with different complexity and difficulty level.

It’s a completely free-to-play game supported with advertisements that you can disable by purchasing the premium plan, which will unlock the levels.

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Brain Training 1

  1. Reaction Training

Reaction Training, as the name suggests, helps you to improve your reaction time and decision-making abilities. It comes with different kinds of puzzles, from math problems to logic and reasoning questions. Reaction Training presents different problems and puzzles with a timer at the top that checks how much time you take to solve a particular problem.

You can keep trying to reduce your reaction time as much as you can. It also prepared a time chart for every particular puzzle, so you can keep tracking your improvements.

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  1. Brain Dots

Brain Dots is one of my favorite brain games that I enjoyed a lot. It is a simple game where you’ll need to connect two dots side by side by drawing a path for them. It starts with very simple and easy games, but it won’t be easy to pass the increasing levels. You need to use your critical thinking abilities to connect those balls.

Brain Dots is another free-to-play brain game with in-app purchases to get the ability to skip some levels. It is available for both Android and iOS.

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  1. Brain It On

Brain It On is a trendy brain game that tests your critical thinking and physics knowledge. You’ll be given tasks that you need to complete by drawing some path or shapes. It will empower your brain to tackle critical problems and interestingly learn physics.

Brain It On helps you compete with your friends and share your ongoing progress with your friends on social media. It’s available on both Android and iOS.

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  1. Cut It: Brain Puzzles

Cut It is a brain game that I recently played and loved the gameplay and puzzles. It consists of different situations in which you need to cut different shapes to do the given task, like bursting stars and throwing away shapes. You need to think about the angle and way to cut the shapes to complete the given task. You can only cut the shapes the number of times given in the task to get 3 stars. It depends on your precision and timing to achieve the result in this game.

Cut It lets you use the hints to complete a level, and you can also skip a level if you want (only available for premium members, or you need to watch an ad for it). It is available for both Android and iOS, and you can download and enjoy the game.

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Brain Games help us develop cognitive skills like memory, critical thinking, concentration, and decision making. I personally find them very helpful for me, as they helped me improve my concentration and critical thinking ability. You should try these brain games and share your progress and results in our comment section. Do share this list of brain games with your friends on social media. Thanks for reading.

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