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Everyone who plays a battle royal game knows that hot drops are where you go if you want to a) get some quick kills, or b) die right away to the better players. Remember these are all based on the plane flight path as well and need to be adjusted for based on where people are going. Here are the top ten hot drops and my top five safe drops for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


10) Secret Cave – Vikendi


We are going to start with this one because it was such a good hot drop until the recent patch. With three different entrances to go into you will have a problem getting into this one. This was a secret that didn’t stay secret too long because there were only two ways to enter this cave. One, you need to drive a vehicle through the rocks blocking the entrances, or two, you need to use a grenade to blow up the rocks. Once you enter the cave you will be greeted by three long tunnels (one for each entrance) and since the patch, you will be in store for lots of goodies that are high tier loot. Gone are the days of two care package drops inside the cave for a quick beginning to the game.

This isn’t as big of a hot drop anymore, but I still see some people racing there to get the better sniper rifles in the game, and assault rifles. This is why the Secret Cave on Vikendi is my tenth place to hot drop.

9) Cosmodrome –Vikendi


Another staple from the Vikendi map is the Cosmodrome. Cosmodrome is a drop into an abandoned rocket launch site and is full of lots of goodies. There are buildings to explore, tunnels to walk through and shuttle hangers that will give you gear that you will want to loot for your march to number one. With weapons ranging from small to large, you can find a decent amount of loot here if the loot table RNG loves you.

8) Paradise Resort – Sanhok


Paradise Resort is a hot drop that a medium amount of players will go to every single drop. With as small as Sanhok is, you can drop from almost anywhere along the plane’s flight path and hit Paradise Resort. The best place to drop here for me is the balcony of the main building. Nine times out of ten there will be a vest and at least one rifle to use. Then you have the choice to climb the roof to surprise people who are looting or head down the stairs to do the same thing. There are plenty of buildings to explore in this drop though so not everyone will feel the same way.

7) Hacienda del Patron/San Martin – Miramar


This is a shared hot drop for a couple of reasons. Most of the time you will drop at one or the other because of their close proximity to each other. These are two of the biggest hot drops on Miramar, but not the biggest in my estimation. There are a lot of buildings to go through which makes this a pain to drop into sometimes, especially if there are twenty to thirty people dropping here with you. Loot will go fast, can you get to it before anyone else can?

6) Castle – Vikendi


This drop took a little bit of a back seat to the Secret Cave when it was launched, however, I feel that this is one of the best hot drops on Vikendi. You can drop into this area and hit up a rooftop for loot, or land in the main building to the south of the area for some good quick loot. There are lots of camper spots inside these buildings so be careful when, and if, you decide to push your enemies. I won’t tell you where I like to camp because you will try to kill me every time you log in. Needless to say, this is one of the drops that are fun to land in.

5) Military Base – Erangel


Another drop that was made famous when the game launched is the Military Base. One of the best places to find high-quality loot, even to this day. When I play Erangel I always take note of how many people are dropping into the Military Base. Why? I like to know how many people are going to cross the bridges so that I can try and catch them driving by after I have looted my safe drop. Between the barracks, the tower scaffolding, and the warehouses in this area, you should be able to find ample loot to survive into the late game. You might even get a few kills before running out of the area.

4) Pecado – Miramar


Pecado is a pretty good hot drop to this day. There are always people dropping there trying to get into the Casino, the Hotel, or the Gym. There is enough loot here to satisfy even the biggest loot hog, yes you know who you are guys and girls. If you can cover the angles then you are in a good position to get some kills, loot some buildings, and make it out of Pecado alive. Dropping into the buildings from the roof is the best option for the lower flyers, however, if someone is making the drop faster try to hit the ground at the base of the buildings and work your way up as they make their way down. Catch them picking up a weapon or armor and you have a good chance of survival.

3) Mylta – Erangel


Mylta is still one of the top drops on Erangel for lots of reasons. Those reasons? The number of buildings you can loot and hide in while trying to get the angle on your foe. With the warehouses, the two and three-story houses, and the diner to name a few spots. With some wizard towers for good cover and protection, a few vehicle spawns, and lots of loot to be had, you will find this as a good place to try and get some points, provided the right plane path.

This area provides some of the tightest corners and varying building levels providing the best and worst places to camp while trying to survive. You would be hard pressed to get to the ground as soon as possible and find a weapon and armor to prepare yourself for a fight.

2) Pochinki – Erangel


This OG area is one of the best places to go on Erangel for a quick fight, or a quick death, depending on your skills, also if you find a weapon or not. With the way loot was rebalanced on Erangel recently, this has become a better place to find loot to start your game off. You may find yourself knee deep in enemies though as about one-quarter of the plane will normally drop here if the plane is in the right area. The bigger buildings here take more time to loot than the smaller ones but may provide more loot to begin your fight. Don’t forget to check out the church on the hill if you want some loot with elevation, because no one will try to attack if you have the high ground, right Anakin?

1)    Boot Camp – Sanhok


We have saved the best for last in our hot drop medley. Boot Camp is probably the biggest hot drop at the moment. Why? This is because you can literally get to it from any flight path on Sanhok. Make sure you drop at the right time though to avoid getting to the ground late and becoming someone’s cannon fodder. If you time the drop just right you can make it to the main building or one of the three-story buildings in time to get a gun and pick off people who are still in the air. The majority of the plane will drop here leaving a lot of the rest of the map ripe for the taking. Watch those corners, and watch out for campers hiding in every crevice, especially those stairwells.


Do you agree or disagree with my placements of these hot drops? Feel free to comment below and tell me your favorite hot drops. The next time I will be bringing you my top ten safe drops that help propel me into the top ten in most matches played.

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