Top 4 eSports video games that people love to bet on


eSports games, as well as the betting activity around them, have both witnessed exponential rise over the past few years. The growth and popularity of this industry have been such that millions of dollars distributed as prize money in globally recognized eSports tournaments today.

Furthermore, there are plenty of sports betting sites that actively offer multiple markets surrounding eSports events like League of Legends World Championship and more. Let’s take you through 3 popular eSports videogames that a great multitude of people bet on.

The League of Legends

Counted amongst the most popular eSports games, in terms of recognition as well as the number of hours it is played in North America and Europe, the game is now extremely popular in Asia as well. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this game enjoys 25% of all the online gaming traffic! Organized by Riot Games, the League of Legends World Championship is the biggest eSports tournament in the world, featuring players from different countries. The most commonly known bets placed on the League of Legends are match bets, involving betting on the overall outcome of the match. You can also place outright bets on the result of the complete tournament.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Counted among the oldest eSports games in the world, Global Offensive has a very diverse and big fan following in all parts of the world. However, Swedes dominate this game like no one else. You can indulge in outright betting on this game, by wagering money on the outcome of a specific match or the entire tournament. In case there are group matches prior to the knockout stage, you can wager money on the winner of every group. Bets can also be placed on countries participating in the tournament.

eSports 1

Call of Duty

Although the earlier versions of this game belong to the PC era, the newer versions have gained tremendous popularity too. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the most widely recognized game in the Call of Duty series. Other than the single-player games, a large number of people indulge in multiplayer battles too. Majority of people place single match bets on this game, predicting the winner of every match. You can bet on the tournament winner as well. Not just that, money can also be wagered on how far you expect a certain team to go in the tournament.

StarCraft II

A big rage in South Korea, StarCraft II is a sequel of its predecessor – StarCraft. As is the case with most other eSports games, betting activity in this one also revolves around the outcomes of tournaments and games. You can also wager money on the possibility of a certain team reaching the quarter-finals and/or semi-final stage of the tournament. Many people bet on the winner’s nationality too. In case there’s a clear favorite in the tournament, bookmakers might also offer bets on the chances of the underdog/s.

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